What is OT?

(Occupational Therapy)

Occupational therapy is a profession that focuses on helping individuals engage in meaningful everyday activities, known as occupations. These occupations can range from basic tasks like self-care and household activities to more complex roles such as work, hobbies, and social interactions. The goal of occupational therapy is to support individuals in participating fully in their valued occupations and to enhance their overall well-being.

Occupational therapists work with people of all ages and in various settings. They assess individuals' abilities, interests, and goals, and develop customized interventions to address physical, cognitive, emotional, or environmental barriers that may be limiting their engagement in occupations.

How can Occupational Therapy help?

Through therapeutic techniques, adaptations, and assistive devices, occupational therapists help individuals regain or improve their functional abilities, develop new skills, and find alternative ways to engage in activities that are meaningful to them. The focus is on promoting independence, enhancing quality of life, and supporting individuals in achieving their personal goals.

Whether it's assisting a person with arthritis learn a new way to complete essential skills or helping an adult recovering from a stroke to regain their ability to perform daily activities, occupational therapy plays a vital role in rehabilitation and overall well-being. By incorporating valued occupations into the therapy process, occupational therapists help individuals overcome challenges and regain control over their lives.

Please note:
While we do not provide medically necessary services, we are more than happy to assist you in finding a local occupational therapy service that caters to those needs. Our focus is on offering comprehensive support for wellness and accessibility in the home environment. We operate on a private pay basis, without insurance billing or coding services provided. Stay tuned as we soon become contracted with Medicare, ensuring quality care for all!

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